Color and Learn

Our Color and Learn Pages aren't just fun coloring activities—they're a great way to get your child comfortable with addition/substraction and literacy.


This Addition Printable comes with 32 Pages which completes Addition with Sum up to 10.



This Subtraction Printable comes with 29 Pages which completes Subtraction with Difference under 10.









Teach sight words, spelling words and more. Kids will be engaged while coloring and learning to read words. Scroll down to see all words included.

Building Words




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A: a, about, after, again, all, am, an, and, animal, any, are, as, ask, asked, at, always, around, ate, away

B: back, be, because, been, before, best, big, black, blue, boy, brother, brown, but, by, better, both, bring, buy,

C: call, can, car, cat, children, come,could, carry, clean, cold, cut

D: day, did, do, done, down, does, don't, drank, drink

E: each, eat, eight, every

F: favorite, find, first, five, four, for

friend, from, fun, fast, fly, found, funny, fall, far, full

G: get, girl, give, go, going, good, green, gave, goes, got, grow,

H: had, has, have, he, her, here. him, his, house, how, help, hold, hot, hurt

I: I, if, in, into, is. it, jump, just

J: jump, just,

K: kick, know,

L: let, like, little, long, look,

M: made, make, man, many, may, me, miss, more

P: play

R: red, run,

S: said, see

T: the, three, to, two

U: up

W: we, where

Y: yellow, you

Color by number

Easy Color by Number Pages can help shape your child's learning experience with coloring. They will practice number recognition skills as well as color recognition while filling in the empty spaces.

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