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My First Road Trip Sticker Book is perfect for kids all ages! The book includes 400+ reusable and waterproof stickers and features 10 sceneries from across the United States. Stunning illustrations transport children into forest, deserts, and grasslands! Kids can use the stickers to decorate their landscapes.

Discover new animals, from mammals to insects, fishes and birds, fossil, animals tracks, leaves, and wildflowers which are all labeled by name. All illustrations are hand-drawn by us to make it look as precise as possible to create unique educational learning experiences.

It is an excellent car and airplane activity since the scenery and stickers are side-by-side. The Wire binding allows you to open up the book flat on the table. Included are 10 coloring pages to have even more fun. You can use this sticker book as a rainy day at home activity or as a realistic ipad substitute.


The 10 sceneries are on the road, at the ranger station, in the forest, at the sand dunes, at the lake, in the meadow, at the dinosaur fossil site, the united states map, at night, on the hike.


Did you know?

You can use the sticker from this book to decorate water bottles, helmets, lunch boxes, and more! And even better, all stickers leave no residue behind.


All of our sticker books are proudly made in the USA, printed by our team in Georgia.

My First Road Trip - Activity Sticker Book with 400+ Sticker


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