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We love Education and Art, so why not combine those two, to educate children in a new and innovative way. As parents ourselves, we enjoy teaching our own children and watching them learn new things every day. We started to create coloring pages and learning activities that engage and inspire a love of creative learning. We are happy to share our crafts and ideas with teachers and parents here on our website.

In December 2017, we first launched our YouTube Channel Fun House Toys with many Drawing Tutorial and Coloring Videos. Later in 2018, we launched with printable coloring pages and educational tools. With over 10,000 sold products, we are proud to offer educational inspired products one in which every is made in the USA.

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Here at Fun House Toys, are only goals are to put smiles on the face of children, both schooled and home-schooled. As all faith-inspired parents and team members ourselves, some with hospitalized and special-needs children, our only mission is to uplift a child’s spirit, bring happiness to their day, demonstrate kindness and teach the use of art as a form of expression and communication, along with any joy that can be derived from their use of our products are services. It is why, along with our paid memberships, we were most ardently determined to also provide freebies…so that nothing would stop the full supply of love and laughter that each child deserves to fill their hearts ..and the bond that each family can create by doing our printables together.

Our Mission

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