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Math & Number Bundle

Our Numbers 1-20 Bundle is a great way to start teaching your child about numbers. We included flashcards, number worksheet and counting practice. Scroll down to see all printables.

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Number Flashcards

Start to teach your toddler numbers with our flashcards. We recommend laminating each sheet to make them reusable.

We included not just a fun image but also the words of each number, so your child can familiarize it. The flashcards are also a great activity while you traveling with your child. Add this to your preschool or kindergarten math centers for hands-on counting practice.




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Preschoolers are just starting to master the fine motor skills they will need to write with. At the moment it seems more like scribbles but after time the handwriting will improve.

We create these printables to make writing as fun as exciting as it should be for beginners. With two lines of dotted numbers, it is easy to follow. Included is the number world for your child to familiarize. And for a little fun, we added an image to color. We recommend laminating these sheets and use a dry erase marker.

Learning to write .jpg

Number Review + Counting

Review numbers and start teaching your child to count with this worksheet. Get creative and use different things like cotton balls for the counting exercise. We recommend to laminate it so it can be used multiple times.

Counting Number.jpg

Counting Worksheets

These worksheets are a fun way to get your child used to Numbers and Counting. They will practice counting objects and will also create addition equations with visuals. This download includes 5 Pages.

How Many?.jpg

Greater than or Less than?

This is a set of 8 worksheets that are all no prep black and white printables, so just print and go! This can be used to teach your child the greater than, less than and equals symbols. The worksheets come in various levels so you can easily differentiate for your students.

Greater or less?.jpg

Counting to 100

These counting practice sheets are great for your students to master the number patterns. It is easy to prep which is less work for you. Included is 10 Pages plus an additional count to 100.

Counting to 100.jpg

Simple Addition

Kids practice simple addition in this food-themed worksheet. Kids count pictures of fruits and vegetable then write the total in the space provided. They then color them in!  Designed for a preschool and kindergarten math curriculum, this hands-on, worksheet supports young learners as they develop their number writing and counting skills.

Simple Addition.png

Odd or Even?

Let's go on an outdoor adventure! Help your kindergartener determine whether numbers are odd or even with this fun caterpillar game. Your child will practice his counting skills and number sense with this worksheet as well.

Odd and Even.png

Looking for more printables for preschooler?

Start to teach your child, fun-filled and simple worksheets. Spot the difference is a fun game that helps your child to concentrate, think, and learn to notice detail. Kids have to find the differences between one of the four pictures.

Telling Time Practice

These printables are for beginner students that just learning how to tell the time. It will help your students know the right order of the numbers on a clock. This can be used as a morning introduction during the day, or as practice at home.

Tell the time thumbnail.jpg

Basic Skill Bundle

spot the difference.jpg

Shapes - Trace and Color

We created our Shape Printables to help build a solid foundation in forming shapes, it also promotes fine motor skills since your child has to trace and color. One page for each shape included square, rectangle, triangle, circle, heart, and star. Also included are 3 worksheets for shape recognition.

Shapes Worksheets.jpg


These Pattern Worksheets are fun and engaging activity that will teach your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten students all about patterns. It is easy to prep which is less work for you. The worksheets come in various levels so you can easily differentiate for your students.


Big or Small?

Help your preschooler grasp the concept of size and comparison with my big and small worksheets. The activities are simple and basic so your child can start learning about size and measurements, important skills for future math success. Included are 8 Worksheets.

Big or Small.jpg

Color Flashcards + Worksheets

With this printable download, you will be getting 10 flashcards with different colors. On each card is included a crayon, the color word for your child to familiarize and sample things that are this specific color. In addition, we created 8 worksheets that match the colors. After teaching your child, you can do a color review to see what colors you have to practice more.

Color Flashcards.jpg






Get all high resolution worksheets in our members area as well as many more amazing printables. With multiple new resources added monthly you will never run out of learning sheets.


Unlimited Printables


For more Preschool/Kindergarten printables, please scroll down:

My Calendar

Just in time for back to school, we created this useful My Calendar Poster which can be fully customized to your needs. We included Day, Date, Month, Year, Weather, Season, Temperature, and Feelings. You can also add on Number, Letter, and Shape of the week. Laminate the printables and hang it onto a whiteboard, poster, or simply a wall. The calendar size is approximately 30inchx20inch.

My Calendar.jpg

Get this printable in our members area as well as many more amazing printables. Join us by clicking below.

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