Learning Numbers 1-20 Bundle

Our Numbers 1-20 Bundle is a great way to start teaching your child about numbers. We included flashcards, number worksheet and counting practice. Scroll down to see all printables.

Number Flashcards

Start to teach your toddler numbers 1 to 20 with our flashcards. We recommend to laminate each sheet to make them reuseable.

We included not just a fun image but also the words of each number, so your child can familiarize it. The flashcards are also a great activity while you traveling with your child. Add this to your preschool or kindergarten math centers for hands on counting practice.

Learning to write Number 1 to 20

Preschoolers are just starting to master the fine motor skills they will need to write with. At the moment it seems more like scribbles but after time the handwriting will improve.

We create these printables to make writing as fun as exciting as it should be for beginners. With two lines of dotted numbers, it is  easy to follow. Included is the number world for your child to familiarize. And for a little fun, we added an image to color. We recommend to laminate these sheets and use a dry erase marker.












Counting 1 to 20 Numbers

With the combination of the flashcards and the learning to write worksheet you child will be good prepared for the first day of school. With one line of dotted numbers, it makes writing practice easy to follow. Additional, three exercise for counting. Get creative and use different things like cotton balls for the counting exercise. We recommend to laminate it so it can be used multiple times.






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