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Crafting T-Rex Model with our Printable

We wish everybody a great start into this new year and we hope you spend the holidays well rested. For our first crafting project, we chose a more advanced 2-D Model of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is more detail cutting but that doesn't mean less fun. Teach your child about dinosaurs and practice crafting skills.

Lets get crafting

1. Print out our printable onto heavy print paper. Cut out all shapes

2. Cut in each line with a letter.

4. Insert A to A and B to B.

5. Now insert C to C, D to D, E to E, F to F, G to G, and H to H.

6. Last bend the dotted line so your Tyrannosaurus Rex can stand.

7. Finish is your 2-D Tyrannosaurus Rex Model

Get the whole set in our members area as well as many more amazing printables. With new resources added on weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to do with your kids.




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