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Numberblocks Worksheets

Math confidence just requires practice and a positive attitude. Our printable math worksheets help kids develop math skills in a simple and fun way. Starting at Kindergarten Level with easy block counting and adding.

Numberblocks count to 10.jpg

This is a simplified Counting Activity for early learners. It includes tracing the numbers, coloring numberblocks and it comes with 4 counting exercises on each sheet. Included Numberblocks 1 to 20.

Find Numberling - Count and Match

Count and Match with Numberblocks characters! Great for reading, writing, 1 to 1 counting, matching and learning their numbers 1-20 as they work through the worksheet.

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Connect the Dots

Kids practice recognizing numbers with this creative connect-the-dots numbers worksheet! In this counting activity, your child will connect the dots by following the number sequence up to 20 or 50. When they finish, they will discover a picture of numberblocks! This coloring worksheet is perfect for preschool classrooms and helps build number knowledge skills.

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Count, Cut and Glue

These engaging, hands on Numberblocks counting worksheets will help your students practice counting 1 - 10. Great for scissor cutting skills!

Cut and Count.jpg

Addition & Subtraction

This worksheet asks your child to count and write down the numbers then add the sum at the end. It included 25 Pages for addition and 10 pages for subtraction with each 3 exercises.

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Play-Doh Mats
Playdough is tactile, fun and great for all multi-sensory early developmental play. But it can also be used in creative, playful ways to promote early numeracy skills in a hands-on way. These printables come in Black/White and Color. ​Available are 1 to 5 in B/W and Color!

Play Doh Mats Numberbloks.jpg

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