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Pop Up Flower Bouquet Card

With Mother's Day coming up soon, we created this cute flower pop up card. Craft it with our template to make it more easy. For full instruction, scroll down to watch our video.

Lets get crafting

1. Print our card template onto color paper and the decoration onto white paper. 2. Fold paper in half 3. Cut in the dotted lines.

4. Fold at the line.

5. Cut out all shapes on the white paper. Color the greenery and flowers or use our template and trace and cut on colored paper.

6. Decorate the Flower Wrap. ( We cut in hearts but you can draw and color anything on it)

7. Glue the flower wrap on the card.

8. Glue the greenery on the card.

9. Cut the pointy part off the greenery on the bottom.

10. Glue on the flowers

11. Glue another card stock paper to cover the card backside.

12. Finish is your Flower Card.

Note: Get the printable in our members area as well as many more amazing printable. With new ones added on a weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to do with your kids.

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