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The Winter Wonderland Activity Book is a must-have for kids of all ages who love to explore the beauty of the worlds during winters. With 10 different sceneries featured from around the world, this book offers a unique opportunity for kids to learn about have fun at same time. 


  • Over 400 Reusable and Waterproof Stickers: Keep your kids entertained for hours as they stick and peel over 400 fun waterproof sticker.
  • Fosters Creativity: This activity book is designed to inspire creativity in kids of all ages. With various stickers to choose from, they can create their unique scenes or replicate familiar ones.


This Winter Wonderland activity book is creatively designed to keep your little ones engaged in wholesome activities. Not only does it offer an opportunity for fun but also enhances cognitive skills such as hand-eye coordination as they select and place stickers on various surfaces.


This must-have accessory helps parents keep their youngsters occupied during summertime while instilling a love of creativity at an early age. It's perfect for road trips, picnics at the park or any outdoor activities that require a bit of entertainment intervention.


Winter Wonderland

    • 400+ Reusable Waterproof Stickers
    • 10 Sceneries to place stickers
    • 10 Coloring Pages
    • On The Go Activity - Convenient Travel Toy
    • Easy To Use - Side by side Sticker and Scenery Design
    • Play Again & Again - Repositionable Stickers
    • Wire Binding -  Allows the book to lay flat
    • Activities that will encourage kids to learn about different winter landscape and animals
    • Interesting facts for kids to discover about animals
    • Stunning illustrations that will captivate and engage children 

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