Sight Words Worksheets

Your kids will learn their sight words in no time as they read, write, clap, color, trace, spell, find, and tell! Use these printables while working with the whole class, in small groups, or even as homework. This Download includes Pre-Primer and Primer Words, scroll down to see more.

Additionally, we added the reading fluency worksheets which have been crafted with young readers in mind. Using these worksheets can be a fun activity for your child and you to do together.

Pre-Primer Sight Words:

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A: a, and, away

B: big, blue

C: can, come

D: down

F: find, for, funny

G: go

H: help, here

I: i, in, is it

J: jump

L: little, look

M: make, me, my

N: not

O: one

P: play

R: red, run

S: said, see

T: the, three, to, two,

U: up

W: we, where

Y: yellow, you

Included are Flashcards for all the words in B/W and Color.

Primer Sight Words:

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A: all, am, are, at, ate

B: be, black, but, brown

C: came

D: did, do

E: eat

F: four

G: get, good

H: have, he

I: into

L: like

M: must

N: new, no, now

O: on, our, out

P: please, pretty

R: ran, ride

S: saw, say, she, so, soon

T: that, there, they, this, too

U: under

W: want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with

Y: yes



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Included are Flashcards for all the words in B/W and Color.

First Grade Sight Words:

A: after, again, an, any, as, ask

B: by

C: could

E: every

F: fly, from

G: give, going,

H: had, has, her, him, his, how

J: jump, just

K: know

L: let, live

M: may

O: of, old, once, open, over

P: put

R: round

S: some, stop

T: take, thank, them, then, think

W: walk, warm, were, when

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