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Tracing and Scissor Skill

Our pen control and tracing printables are a fun way to teach toddlers how to hold and use a pen. Laminate these printables and make it easy to just wipe-clean each time practicing.Encourge your child to hold the pen between the thumb and the index finger. Your child hand should be relaxed and dont press down too hard. You probably know which hand your child favors. If not, these printables will help. With our printables your child can practice to trace straight, diagonal, and curves. This Set includes 8 Pages.

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Pen Control + Tracing

We are excited to kick off this school year with some fun and engaging tracing printable. Perfect for beginners that are just learning to hold a pencil. This set includes 30 Pages.

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Alphabet Tracing

We created these worksheets that alternate the alphabet and tracing in one sheet. We added also some fun pictures to learn the letter sounds. Save even more time by sliding them into write and wipe pockets instead of laminating. This is an excellent addition to your alphabet or literacy centers.



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Scissor Skills

Use these scissor printable with prompts to teach your students how to use scissors to cut straight lines, zig-zag lines, wavy lines, and snipping with ease!

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