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Hello everyone and welcome to Fun House Toys.


We love Education and Art, so why not combine those two, to educate children in a new and innovative way. Our Team at Fun House Toys started to create coloring pages and learning activities that engage and inspire a love of creative learning. We are happy to share our crafts and ideas with teachers and parents here on our website.

​In December 2017, we first launched our YouTube Channel Fun House Toys with many Drawing Tutorial and Coloring Videos. Later in 2018, we launched with Coloring Pages.

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What People say

My grandson is Numberblocks obsessed! Thank you so much for your high quality coloring pages. This has made a fun activity for him and he is very excited to color them, cut them out and play with them for hours. Thanks again!



- Lorrie, Grandparent

My son is utterly besotted with your colouring pages. He has every numberblock & alphablock that you have drawn, they're all stuck all over his bedroom wall.



- Verity, Parent

I just wanted to say what great work your doing, I’ve just found this website and my 5 yo son loves it. We’ll never be board. So thanks again for giving kids great ideas to do and the colouring in which my son is getting better at. Looking forward to seeing what other great ideas you come up with keep up the fantastic work.


- Karen, Parent

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