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Learning Through Creativity

At Fun House Toys we aim to combine the benefit of hands-on learning, creativity and the power of play. We design and create custom series of sticker activity books for kids to explore places, nature and animals. Your child will use the sticker to expand their learning through story telling, problem solving, and imagination. Additionally, the sticker engages your child's tactile learning through texture, color, and special perception.

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I was instantly sold when I saw that the stickers were made with vinyl. It arrived just today but I am pleasantly surprised to find a high-quality book with lifelike illustrations that exceeded my expectations.

Sam H.

Activity Book

I was hesitant to purchase yet another sticker book where the sticker end up all over our walls/furniture and don't come off! But these stickers are great! They stick and unstick. If your little one wants to explore and not just put the stickers on the page then there will be no harm to any walls or furniture due to stickiness.

Amy F.

Activity Book

My son loves that he can take his favorite animals anywhere - he sticks them to his water bottle and lunchboxes! And I am happy they come off without the goo. Quality Stickers!


Activity Book

We love Education and Art, so why not combine those two, to educate children in a new and innovative way. Our Team at Fun House Toys started to create coloring pages and learning activities that engage and inspire a love of creative learning. We are happy to share our crafts and ideas with teachers and parents here on our website.

​In December 2017, we first launched our YouTube Channel Fun House Toys with many Drawing Tutorial and Coloring Videos. Later in 2018, we launched with Coloring Pages and

educational learning activties.

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