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Fun Ladybug Craft

You know that spring is coming when ladybugs are awakening. This craft is perfect for older kids and you can make it as a part of your insect unit study. Kids can also decide how many spots each ladybug gets. In fact, not all ladybugs have black spots! Have you ever seen one without spots?

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Lets get crafting

1. Print our template onto red and black paper or onto white paper. If you chose the white paper option you can now color it in. Cut out the four rectangle shapes.

2. Then fold it on each line. You will end up with four pieces of folded paper.

3. Take each and fold it in half again.

4. Tie with a string (or glue) two of the folded paper together. Repeat this with each.

5. Glue each end to another end to create a rosette.

6. Cut heart shapes spots and the face.

7. Glue them onto the rosette.

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