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Ice Bear Origami

This Ice Bear Origami is the best project for beginner's and it makes the perfect rainy day activity. It takes only a couple of minutes t make and you can glue it onto a page and keep on drawing the ice bear habitat (snowy mountain and icey lakes). Our printable page makes it even easier to create this origami since all instructions are inluded on the sheet. We love to see how you made yours with #funhousetoyscraft on Instagram!

Lets get crafting

1. Cut out the square on our printable page

2. Fold it in half

3. Then fold it in half again and open it back up

4. Fold one edge halfway into the triangle. Do the same with the other edge.

5. The fold both halfway out again

6. Fold the sharp edge again in. This are going to be the ears of the ice bear

7. Fold the bottom edge up.

8. Then open it up into s square

9. Fold the top edge in. Do the same with the bottom.

10. Add googly eyes and draw on the Ice Bear nose

Get the printable in our members area as well as many more amazing printable. With new ones added on a weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to do with your kids.




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