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Paper Roll Santa and Tree Craft

Would it be a Christmas without a Santa Clause craft? Of Course not, kids will love celebrating this season with a great crafting season! To make it a little more easy, we created two printable, which you can customize with other materials like pom pom and glitter!

Lets get crafting

1. Cut out all shapes on our printable.

2. Use the shapes as template and trace them onto color paper.

3. Cut our all shapes on color paper.

4. Cover the Paper Roll with the red color paper.

5. Glue the black strip as belt and the golden square as belt buckle.

6. Now assemble the beard and the hat.

7. Glue the face onto the paper roll then add the beard and hat.

8. Last, glue on wiggly eyes and the nose.

Note: Get the printable in our members area as well as many more amazing printable. With new ones added on a weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to do with your kids.


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