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Unicorn Hand Puppet

We love creating paper hand puppets and knew this unicorn one would be a fun addition to our collection. (View our other craft here: Like usual, we’ve included a printable template, so there’s no guessing on sizes. Watch our Step by Step Video for easy Instruction.

We love to see how you made yours with #funhousetoyscraft on Instagram!

Lets get crafting

1. Print our template onto white paper or color paper.

2. Fold bottom edge up to the middle.

3. Fold top edge down to the middle.

4. Fold in half, you will see the face of the Unicorn on one site.

5. Then, fold in half again.

6. Now fold both edges up.

5. Cut out the ears, horn, and nose. If you chose the white paper option, you can color in the shapes then cut them out.

6. Roll up the Horn into a cone.

7. Glue on the nose and ears.

8. Add googly eyes and craft floss as hair. Finish is your Unicorn Hand Puppet

Get the printable in our members area as well as many more amazing printable. With new ones added on a weekly basis you will never run out of fun things to do with your kids.




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